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Holt for Knox County



To me, serving in office is not about politics. Rather, it is about public service. Knoxville Is my home, community, and the place where I was born and raised. Knoxville is already an amazing place to live, but I want to see us strive to be even better. One of my mentors in leadership once told me, “Garrett, when you leave any role, your number one goal should be to say that you left this place better than you found it.” More than anything, that is my goal as I serve as your next County Commissioner for District Four- to
leave Knox County and our district better than I found it.

Our county is changing rapidly as thousands of new people move here every year and with that come increased demands on our infrastructure, school system, law enforcement, and every other service that our local government provides. We must be proactive in addressing these changes so that we stay ahead of the curve, not behind it. We need leaders in county government that are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we leave Knox County in a better place for the generations that come after us.

Proactive Leadership

I want to constantly be listening to the needs of YOU, the constituents, to learn what is most important to you when it comes to county government.

Intelligent Development

Knoxville is changing as thousands of people move here every year. We must ensure that we make forward-thinking development decisions that help meet our community’s growth demands while also preserving the charm of our community.

Economic Growth

We must continue to proactively recruit new businesses and companies to Knoxville while also fostering an environment that attracts both employers and employees to the area.


Our first responders are pivotal to our community. I want to continue to
support both existing first responders and recruits by providing public support and competitive wages.


I want to advocate to modernize and improve safety and traffic flow on our large commercial arteries, such as Northshore, Kingston Pike, and Ebenezer.



Help Garrett Win

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